Burning question? Need a quote? Looking for an expert?

I frequently respond to media requests for comments, expert opinion, or other analysis on astronomy or physics topics. Depending on my availability, I'm happy to discuss results, press releases, hot-off-the-presses papers, and general issues of science and academic culture.

Some of my favorite astro/physics topics to chat about -- with a general trend from expert to knowledgable-but-not-actively-researching -- are:

  • dark matter

  • the end of the Universe

  • black holes

  • the epoch of reionization ("cosmic dawn")

  • the early universe (including cosmic inflation)

  • fundamental particle physics (theoretical and experimental)

  • galaxy formation and evolution

  • high-energy astrophysics (cosmic rays, neutrinos, gamma-ray bursts, etc)

  • dark energy / cosmic acceleration

  • the large-scale structure of the Universe

  • Solar System exploration

  • extrasolar planets (and prospects for extraterrestrial life)

I am also happy to discuss issues relating to science research funding, academic culture, science communication and outreach, and equity in STEM fields.

Photo credit: Katie Mack. T-shirt credit: Alex H. Parker.

You can reach me via e-mail at: contact{at}astrokatie.com or through the form on my Contact page. Let me know if you have a deadline and I'll do my best to respond quickly!