Accurate Astrophysics Correct Cosmology meeting
Jul 16

Accurate Astrophysics Correct Cosmology meeting

  • London United Kingdom

Meeting to discuss how to do good cosmology and good astrophysics at the same time. I'll be sticking around in London for another week and a bit to visit a collaborator at Imperial College London. Departing on the 28th.

(Image: Kensington Gardens; credit: Katie Mack)

Aspen Center for Physics
Jun 20

Aspen Center for Physics

  • Aspen, Colorado USA

Attending Primordial Cosmology workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics. I'm giving the Aspen Physics Colloquium on the 11th of June, on dark matter in cosmology.

(Image: Castle Peak hike; credit: Katie Mack)

Tambopata Research Center (Peruvian Amazon)
May 29

Tambopata Research Center (Peruvian Amazon)

  • Tambopata Peru

I'll be visiting the Tambopata Research Center in the Peruvian Amazon. It's basically for fun but I'll also be doing stargazing nights and astronomy talks with the locals, and I'll be helping out with some of the macaw research there. The rest of my time in Peru (18-23 May and 29-31 May) will be spent in the vicinity of Lima and Cuzco.

(Image: Macaws at salt lick; credit: Brian Ralphs, Flickr)